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List of participants

What is the Project? – It’s a way to gather and communicate wisdom and experience from one generation of lawyers to the next, by building a library of video clips of various judges and practitioners. We also seek to have younger lawyers gather these videos in order to make connections with judges and experienced practitioners.

How can I participate?

  • Judges and Practitioners – Volunteer to sit for a short (< 30 min.) interview to gather your thoughts and opinions on various topics. All questions will be agreed upon in advance. And you can review or redo any answer before it is uploaded. We can schedule recording sessions at courthouses to make it more convenient to volunteer.

  • Younger Lawyers – Volunteer to participate gathering the videos for the project. You will be paired with a judge or practitioner to conduct the interview. It only takes approximately 90 minutes of your time to do one interview, including all preparations!

Where can I get more information?

Illinois Beth Jantz (312) 621-8342
Christopher Esbrook (312) 862-2032
Craig Giometti (312) 463-3429
Indiana Seth Thomas (317) 236-5820
Wisconsin Amy L. Lindner (262) 754-1338

List of participants

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