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Administration of Justice

The Administration of Justice Committee assists the Courts of the Circuit in the improvement of the administration of justice. The Committee's members work closely with the Association's other committees for the purpose of coordinating projects and initiatives, and addressing a broad range of issues affecting the administration of justice.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Committee shall (1) consult with the Settlement Conference Attorneys of the Court of Appeals with respect to their rules, practice, and procedures; (2) monitor, record, and work with the district courts in the Circuit to improve the ADR mechanisms employed by the district courts; (3) consult with the Membership and Programs Committee of the Association with respect to ADR conferences, seminars, and programs; and (4) monitor and inform the Board of Governors about relevant ADR programs in other federal circuits and, in general, developments and innovations in ADR.

Annual Meeting

This Committee is responsible for planning and executing the Annual Meeting of the Association, held each year in conjunction with the Judicial Conference of the Seventh Circuit.The Committee selects a meeting theme; arranges a suitable meeting place and accommodations; publicizes the meeting to the Association and the bar; arranges for speakers and panels; arranges Continuing Legal Education credit as appropriate; develops meeting materials; and plans social events for the Association, the Judges and spouses.The Committee works closely with the Circuit Executive and the Judges each year responsible for the Judicial Conference.

Bankruptcy Law and Procedure

This Committee monitors Seventh Circuit decisions relating to bankruptcy, as well as other important developments related to bankruptcy practice in other circuits.It publishes a summary of the past year’s Seventh Circuit bankruptcy decisions each year for the Annual Spring Meeting.The Committee presents continuing education panels at the Annual Meeting and at other times during the year as appropriate for the members and judges of the Circuit.

The Circuit Rider

This Committee develops the editorial content, produces and distributes the "Circuit Rider," the official publication of the Association, four times a year. 

Criminal Law and Procedure

This Committee monitors amendments to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the United States Sentencing Guidelines, and the Criminal Rules of the various districts in the Circuit, as well as important Supreme Court and Seventh Circuit decisions in the areas of substantive criminal law and criminal procedure.The Committee presents continuing education panels at various times during the years as appropriate for members, other practitioners, and judges of the Circuit.

Diversity and Inclusion



This Committee commissions the oil portraits of newly appointed judges of the Court of Appeals.The Committee also assists the Annual Meeting Committee and the judges to plan a suitable ceremony for the presentation of the portrait at the Annual Meeting.Similarly, the Committee commissions photographic portraits of newly appointed District Judges and presents these portraits on behalf of the Association to the District Courts.The Committee is also responsible for maintaining the Attorney Waiting Room at the Court of Appeals.

Intellectual Property


This Committee is charged with promoting Association membership (including Junior Membership.)


This Committee coordinates Memorials for recently deceased Judges within the Circuit and presents them at the Annual Meeting and Judicial Conference or other appropriate occasions.It also serves to preserve the historical reflections of Past Presidents and senior members about the Association.


This Committee is responsible for developing regional programs for the Association, often in conjunction with local bar associations.

Pro Bono and Public Service

This Committee assists the Court by involving the bar in the representation of indigent clients in the court of appeals and the district courts.In recent years, the committee has coordinated training seminars for lawyers appointed to handle appeals in the Seventh Circuit.The Committee also supports the development of manuals and other materials for attorneys handling appointed cases.

Rules and Practice

This Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Governors and the Bar on proposed changes to national and local federal rules.The Committee also proposes rule changes and makes comments or recommendations on rule changes proposed by others to best serve the interests of the Bar.


This Committee shall work with the Board of Governors to maintain the Association's web site and to review vendor proposals for other technology that may benefit the Association.The Committee also shall monitor the use of technology within the various courts of the Circuit, including issues such as electronic filing.

Young Lawyers