Appellate Practice in the Seventh Circuit

elcome to a series of programs about appellate practice in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The Seventh Circuit Bar Association has prepared video segments on the steps in an appeal that will be very helpful to many lawyers.
Each topic that you may encounter in appellate practice will have a separate segment and you will be able to listen to experts in the field on each of these matters as your appeal progresses. So if you are preparing for an oral argument, you click on the oral argument segment and you will hear from an appellate practitioner and a Circuit Judge on how to prepare for your argument and what to expect on the day you give it. We hope you will find these segments useful.

Chief Circuit Judge Diane P. Wood

1. Is your judgment final and appealable?
2 . Post Judgment Motions

3. Appellate Jurisdiction

4. Initiating an appeal in the Seventh Circuit  - Notice of Appeal, Docketing Statement and Record

5. Appellate Standards of Review

6. Tour of Seventh Circuit Clerk’s Office and Website

7. Rule 33 Settlement Conference

8. Motion Practice

9. Good Brief Writing                                                                       

10 Effective Oral Argument

11. Post Brief and Oral Argument Submissions of Clarification or Supplemental Authority

12. Petitions for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc

13. Recruitment and Appointment of Counsel in the 7th Circuit