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Publications & Events

63rd Annual Meeting of the
Seventh Circuit Bar Association
Judicial Conference of the Seventh Circuit

3:00 p.m. -6:00 p.m.


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6:00 p.m.
Opening Program
Museum of Broadcast Communications
360 N. State Street, Chicago , Il
Monday, May 12



7:30 a.m.


Registration will be open from 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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7:45 a.m.

Bankruptcy Judges’ Breakfast



Magistrate Judges’ Breakfast


9:00 a.m.

Welcome Remarks and Introductions



Julie A. Bauer, President, Seventh Circuit Bar Association,
Winston & Strawn LLP



Hon. Diane P. Wood, Chief Judge,
United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit


9:15 a.m.

Report of the Clerk of Court
Gino J. Agnello, Clerk of Court,
United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit



9:30 a.m.

Plenary Session:Can They Do That?
The NSA, Privacy and the Fourth Amendment Issues

In the last year, leaks revealed that the National Security Agency has engaged in the mass collection of telephone and internet communications both abroad and at home.This panel will discuss differing views on the legality and constitutionality of the program and whether the reduction in privacy results in a worthwhile improvement in security.

Panelists:Prof. John Yoo, UC Berkeley; Prof. Nadine Strossen, New York Law School; Prof. Geoffrey R. Stone, University of Chicago; Cindy Cohn, Legal Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Hon. Harold Baker, C.D.Ill.




10:00 a.m.

Spouses’ Event:
Driehaus Museum Tour and Lunch

Richard H. Driehaus Museum, approximately 10:30 a.m.

40 E. Erie Street, Chicago

Best of Both Tour: 60 minute tour of the Driehaus Museum and the exhibition
"Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection” with time to revisit galleries and gift shop

Lunch at the Zodiac Room, Neiman-Marcus, approximately noon


10:45 a.m.

Morning Break


11:00 a.m.



Federalization of State Crimes

Panelists: Gary Fields, Wall Street Journal; Kenneth Feinberg, Feinberg Rozen;
Michael Mukasey, Debevoise & Plimpton, Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University

From Marathon to Stern and Beyond

Panelists: Hon. Frank Easterbrook, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals; Hon. Joan Gottschall, N.D.Ill.; Hon. Susan Kelley, Bankruptcy Court, E.D. Wis.; Ronald R. Peterson, Jenner & Block ; Prof. Douglas G. Baird, University of Chicago Law School

Description: In the thirty-five years since the enactment of the 1978 Bankruptcy Code, the relationship between the bankruptcy courts and the district courts and the court of appeals has never been as complicated or as uncertain. Understanding cases such as Peterson, Wellness, and Ortiz in the Seventh Circuit and Arkison in the Supreme Court is critical to navigating the bankruptcy courts and identifying the shadow that Article III of the Constitution casts on magistrate judges and the federal judicial system as a whole.

Blue Collar

12:30 p.m.

Annual Luncheon

Report on the State of the Circuit, Hon. Diane Wood, Chief Judge
Speaker: Rick Kogan, senior writer and columnist for the Chicago Tribune


2:15 p.m.



Bankruptcy: Attorney Misconduct and Other Ethical Issues in Consumer Bankruptcy Matters

Panelists: Hon. Bruce Black, Chief Bankruptcy Judge, N.D.Ill.; Hon. Pamela Pepper, Chief Bankruptcy Judge, E.D. Wis.; Michael E. Kepler, Partner, Kepler & Peyton, Madison, WI; Debra L. Miller, Chapter 13 Trustee, South Bend, IN; M. Gretchen Silver, U.S. Trustee, N.D. Ill.

Description: Is attorney misconduct in consumer bankruptcy cases on the rise or are we just seeing more active prosecutions? This panel will discuss several cases that have occurred recently in our circuit including the cases of Timothy Liou in Illinois, Emory H. Booker in Wisconsin and several recent cases in Indiana. The panel will also discuss the various ways in which our courts are attempting to address these situations, including the establishment of local rules, mentoring programs, continuing education, fines, bars and other mechanisms.

Civil: The New Normal? Alternatives to the Billable Hour

Panelists: Nicole Nehama Auerbach, Valorem Law Group; David Cambria, Director of Global Operations, Law, Compliance & Government Affairs at Archer Daniels Midland; Pamela Woldow, General Counsel, Edge International, moderator:  Thomas J. Wiegand, MoloLamken LLP

Intellectual Property: Patent reform legislation

Panelists: James M. Amend, JAMS, former Chief Mediator for the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals; Hon. James F. Holderman, N.D. Ill., Hon. John Lee, N.D. Ill. 

 IP Panel Materials

3:30 p.m.

Afternoon Break


3:45 p.m.




Civil-In Search of the Right Search: 
Keywords, Manual Review, or Technology-Assisted Review? 

Experienced attorneys discuss choosing a search method for e-discovery, including technology-assisted review.   Materials include a glossary of terms associated with technology-assisted review.   The Seventh Circuit's e-discovery mediation program will also be described.

Panelists: Maura Grossman, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz; Niloy Ray, Littler; Hon. Sheila Finnegan, N.D. Ill.; moderator, Hon. Geraldine Brown


Grossman & Cormak

Permission for Use


Criminal–When, Why and How Not to Cooperate with the Government

Panelists: Hon. Amy St. Eve, N.D. Ill.; Dave Stetler, Stetler Duffy & Rotert; Zachary Fardon, US Atty, N.D.Ill.; Hon. Philip Simon, N.D. Ind.; moderator, Corey Rubenstein, Stetler Duffy & Rotert

Combined Cases

Immunity and Proffer Materials

5:30 p.m.

Annual Reception/Cocktail Party


6:30 p.m.

Annual Dinner



Hon. Elena Kagan, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court




Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, Jr.


9:00 p.m.

President’s Reception


Tuesday, May 13



7:30 a.m.



7:45 a.m.

Newer Lawyers’ Mentoring Breakfast with the Judges

All lawyers and judges will be invited to attend.Judge Wood will make remarks.Questions will be provided at the tables to spur discussion.

Proper reputation

Networking Useful

Judges, Lawyers & Clients

Duties to Court

Duties to Counsel

Networking Not a Bad Word


9:00 a.m.

Newer Lawyers’ CLE program: Frank Advice from the Bench for Newer Attorneys

Hon. John Tinder (7th Cir.), Hon. Rebecca Pallmeyer, (N.D.Ill.), Hon. Sharon Johnson Coleman (N.D.Ill.), Hon. William Conley (W.D. Wis.)

9:00 a.m.

Plenary Session:Best Practices with a Pro Se Litigant

Panelists: Michael Fridkin, Senior Staff Attorney for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Hon. Virginia Kendall, N.D. Ill.; Hon. Michael J. Reagan, S.D. Ill.; moderator, J. Cunyon Gordon, Director, Settlement Assistance Project, Chicago Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Pro Se Assistance

Pro Bono Letter

Pro Bono


SAP Guide

10:30 a.m.

Morning Break

Model CMO

Proposed FRCP

Damasco Case

Denton's Update

Judge DOW
Judge KIM
Judge Wood

Sample Class Cert

10:45 a.m.

District Breakouts


Northern District of Illinois Judicial Panel


Central and Southern Districts of Illinois Judicial Panel


Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana Judicial Panel


Eastern and Western Districts of Wisconsin Judicial Panel

12:00 p.m.

Annual Business Luncheon for Federal Judges and Clerks of Court



Annual Meeting and Business Luncheon of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association

All members of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association are invited to attend this luncheon and annual business meeting, at which new officers and members of the board of governor will be elected.


1:30 p.m.

Executive Session for Members of the Federal Judiciary


4:00 p.m.