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4/29/2018 » 5/1/2018
67th Annual Meeting of the 7th Circuit Bar Association & Judicial Conference of the Seventh Circuit

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INDEX for Seventh Circuit Update for White Collar Litigation
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No Criminal Restitution in Mortgage Fraud Scheme Where Lending Bank Acted Recklessly


Locke Lord Cleared of Civil RICO Conspiracy with Clients RICO Conspiracy with Clients


Sentencing Commission May Weigh in on Individual Cases


Federal Preemption of Common Law Claims involving Securities Transactions


Trial Court Must Instruct Jury on Meaning of Regulation underlying a Criminal Charge; Reading the Regulation’s Text is Insufficient


Criminal Prosecution of Employee Barred by Government’s Loss in Civil Case Against Company


NCAA Athletes Lose Bid as Paid Employees; Concurrence Keeps Door Open for Revenue Sports


No-Loss Sentence May Result from Superseding Fraud


Caution to Snooping Spouses:  Intercepting Your Significant Others’ Emails is a Federal Wiretap Offense


Federal and Illinois DBE Programs Ruled Constitutional – Fraud Exposure Remains for Contractors Struggling to Comply


FCA Theory of “Implied False Certifications” Takes a Hit


Immediate Payment of Full Criminal Restitution Required Despite Apparent Language to the Contrary


Obstruction-of-Justice Sentencing Enhancement for Defendant’s Testimony Continues to Exact “Trial



Courts Are NOT Limited by Rule 6(e) in Allowing Disclosure of Grand Jury Materials


Victim Cannot Waive Right to Restitution under MVRA


Whistleblower’s Pleading of Personal Expertise Not Sufficient to Support FCA Claims 


Agreement to Recommend a “Within-Guidelines” Sentence Allows the Government to Ask for High End of the Range


Chambers v. Mississipi Lives 


Judge’s Erroneous Ex Parte Communications with Jurors Does Not Warrant Reversal


Adverse Inference Triggered by Letter Immunity in Prior Criminal Matter – Are Proffer Letters Next?


Blago Horseracing Case Makes It Harder to Sustain Civil RICO Claims:  “Continuity” Requirement Not So Easily Satisfied


Flipper in Beau Brindley Case Gets a Second Chance at Full Benefit for Cooperation Despite Brindley’s Acquittal


Increase in Sentence After Defendant’s Successful Appeal of His Sentence is Strangely OK


Sentencing Judge’s Commentary on Social Unrest, Protests against Police, and General Decay of Defendant’s Neighborhood Improperly Blamed Defendant for Society’s Ills


Beware the Appellate Waiver . . . Again


The Continued Demise of Rule 11(c)(1)(C) Plea Agreements: A Sentencing Court’s Unarticulated Rejection of the Agreement is Effectively Unreviewable


The Cart-Before-The-Horse Problem of Challenging Agency Investigatory Subpoenas Based on Lack of  Agency Jurisdiction


“Sophisticated Means” in Tax Fraud Cases:  Almost Anything Counts, even a False 1099


Silvern:  Reversal for a Deviation from Silvern Instruction Requires Precise Objection at Trial – It Is Not Enough to Ask for a Mistrial


Court Disqualifies Judge Der-Yeghiayan from Legacy INS Case; Mandamus is Usual Route for Review of Recusal Motion